Senior citizens

The iconic oceanside neighborhoods experienced a fatality rate nearly three times the citywide average.
"There’s an intimacy to Zoom that we never would have anticipated," one senior said.
The New Jersey-based pharma said it could deliver 20 million shots by the end of March if its candidate is authorized. How much would go to NYC is not yet known.
Families and advocates say the main barrier to seniors’ vaccine access is the city and state’s reliance on online appointment systems.
They say he has struck five times.
They say he has struck five times already.
Was he "belligerent" enough to merit being handcuffed?
TSA has announced that it will grant the elderly a modicum of dignity at a handful of airports. Has the TSA gone soft?
The year is 2062 and the Internet is sooo over. But the last generation to revel in the web's wild and crazy days is still kicking, at least according to this video from the future
What happens when your grandma just can't stop dancing?
The garden in the park was uprooted on Friday, and Castro said he would try and find a space for the farmer and his helpers.
What, you think bingo isn't a young man's game? Think it's just
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