Senator charles schumer

The taxi drivers' union hailed the news.
The Senate Majority Leader and U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg were on hand to discuss the project today.
The U.S. Senate Majority Leader plans to bring marijuana reform to a vote, which will force some senators to publicize their long-hidden stances on the drug.
The senior Senator from New York wants LIRR passengers to have rights.
lempkin's flickr Murders have increased 13.2 percent overall this year from
Even on Memorial Day weekend, Senator Chuck Schumer is busy. According
She's plotting! (Flickr user djwerdna) Senator Chuck Schumer proposed a bill
Photograph of President Obama at the NYPD's Real Time Crime Center
Photograph of Senator Schumer eating a Philly cheesesteak last fall from
Diagram of the bomb in the Nissan Pathfinder Why does President
Senator Charles Schumer has been so busy lately worrying about baggage fees
Arizona's new controversial immigration bill has raised the ire of many New
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