Senate republicans

The legislation not only reactivates the existing 140 cameras near schools, but allows the city to double the number of cameras and extend the hours in which they're allowed to operate.
'Unfortunately maybe we will get the chance now to see with the cameras turned off what happens to that speeding data.'
140 school zones will lose their speed cameras on July 26 unless the governor and state legislators act.
Yeah, it was too much to hope that the two of the
Darren Dopp, Governor Spitzer's communications director who was suspended after it was
Governor Spitzer's plan to allow illegal residents of U.S. to get New
Okay, we give up. The whole Governor Spitzer-Senate Republican animosity thing has
It's an Albany power play! During a State Senate meeting about the
Governor Eliot Spitzer think the State Senate's idea to have Attorney General
Governor Eliot Spitzer's "ChopperGate" has more of a stink today: It turns
After Attorney General Cuomo found that Governor Spitzer's staffers were using
The failure of congestion pricing (at least for this legislative session)
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