The state’s fiscal year began April 1 without the passage of a budget, which is required by law.
The mayor said this was his first visit to the New York State Capitol since 2013, when he left the Senate.
Albany observers say a plan for independent redistricting in New York was doomed from the start.
Governor Kathy Hochul said she will allow a statewide eviction moratorium to expire Saturday, noting that it was never intended to be permanent. Instead of pushing for a new extension, tenant advocates have turned their attention to a state bill introduced in 2019.
'The new protections against sexual harassment and discrimination... close the gaping holes in New York state law that have previously silenced survivors and failed to hold perpetrators liable,' Alessandra Biaggi said.
The state legislature's agreement does contain some interesting new provisions for all tenants, ranging on issues from security deposits to eviction proceedings.
'This is an amazing, huge win for tenants. But nonetheless, implementation is key.'
A Queens state Senator has introduced new legislation that would require the city's massage parlors to register with the Department of State, which he says would help shutter establishments that also sell sex.
As Smith testified to lawmakers about the breach, the top hat-wearing activist could be seen dabbing her forehead with money, twirling a bushy white mustache, and occasionally peering into a monocle.
The only religious groups named in the memo are Amish and Mennonites, and it's unclear if the exemption could apply to those of other faiths.
Civil rights groups and others fear Sessions will reverse the Justice Department's Obama-era efforts to hold local police departments accountable, particularly in cases of police brutality and racist profiling policies.
NYC will likely have to put the conversation on hold until next January.
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