Oscillating temperatures as of late have made frozen bodies of water especially unsafe.
There's a massive marshmallow pool, tons of selfie-bait, and a pig that shoots confetti out of its butt.
It will cost you $38 to take photos of your friends in these cool-looking rooms.
Don't even think about taking a selfie with that seal pup.
They aren't under fire, but the Museum is.
James called the statue a "powerful beacon," while others see a cynical corporate publicity stunt.
Two Aussie millennials were cuffed after they allegedly climbed onto an off-limits area of the Brooklyn Bridge and started snapping selfies.
"I don't like that because it shows no concern about the people in the neighborhood."
Don't selfie and drive.
The Museum of Ice Cream is a museum only in the loosest sense of the word.
Know your rights! Because in many cases, the people at the polling place do not.
"Out of the corner of my eye, I looked up and I saw Jacob coming at me, swinging a sledgehammer at me, at my head."
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