Ethics reforms, environmental rights, and even marijuana legalization could come out of a convention, but worker advocates say labor protections could be undone.
"I've been here five months, and it's very hard work."
"If I can't order something off the menu with what I make in an hour, that's a problem."
Part-owners of Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Office Properties, seem to be exasperated at the continued presence of the occupiers. "Lying down on benches, sitting areas or walkways is likewise prohibited," the company said in a statement.
Don't get mad, get even. Thousands of protesters marched in the Financial District to voice their anger about Wall Street and Mayor Bloomberg.
Teachers, transit workers, and activists vs. Wall Street.
It will all trickle down, trust us. Sharpen your pitchforks and
Flickr user minusbaby Thousands of unionized doormen and other apartment workers
Thousands of commercial office workers, such as janitors and doormen, voted to
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