Security theater

'Simply banning backpacks allows for the entry of weapons that can be hidden in a purse, briefcase, or computer case,' says University of Alabama security expert Walter Enders. 'Size is not really an issue.'
"Are you serious? I'm about to cry right now. It's six white people against us bearded men."
But they have to tell us a little more about the cancer risks.
The mayor and police commissioner blame drunk club-goers for much of the violence.
He told a hotel clerk his suitcase was "the bomb" and wound up spending 11 days on Rikers.
There's no threat but the vague, permanent one, is the word coming from One Police Plaza.
New York "is all that they hate, so we are the most likely target." Now stop encrypting your phone.
Police are concentrated around stadiums and theaters.
The tower was gone by 9 a.m. today, after being up for just a week.
"He got a selfie. And if one of our scooters or walking officers had gone by, he also would have gotten a collar."
"What could have triggered the alarm for unknown contents?"
There's going to be some simulated drama down in Battery Park City tonight, the NYC Office of Emergency Management has announced.
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