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Remarkably, Collins's initial criminal act appears to have been caught on video by CBS News.

"It made me ill to be persuaded to vote not guilty on those counts," one of the jurors said.

"For 10 years I've had the great privilege of showing up to work every day at my dream job."

Turns out, offering $5,000 for a hair from Hillary Clinton is solicitation to assault.

Following the conviction, Martin Shkreli took to his YouTube livestream to celebrate the decision, congratulate himself in the third person, and play a portion of his one-of-kind Wu-Tang album.

A jury found Shkreli guilty of three of eight counts of securities and wire fraud.

He says we don't know the "real Martin Shkreli."

Martin Shkreli's very bad week finally hit rock bottom today (or DID it?) when he announced he would resign as chief executive of his pharmaceutical company.