Secret service

Donny loves killing animals.
It hasn't come to the point where the Secret Service will need to crash on your couch...yet.
He allegedly told Secret Service agents he was a U.S. Senator.
"It's the end of the world!"
One source says "there's data on [the laptop] that's highly sensitive."
Taxpayers could be on the hook for $1.5m each year if the Defense Department moves into Trump Tower.
"People can get used to anything, and I think that's what they're counting on."
In 2012, he pleaded guilty to violating an order of protection that Ivanka had taken out against him a year prior.
According to the fliers, a building flooded with scary armed guards is just the Most Secure Building in Manhattan.
"It's not like I needed another reason to dislike Trump," Chang said on Twitter.
"To the extent that you can avoid the immediate area around Trump Tower, that will make your life easier and everyone else's life easier."
Some cyclists were forced to ride on the West Side Highway, where the speed limit is 50mph.
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