Second amendment

Legal experts say the MTA has options.
New York City is poised to ease its famously strict handgun laws ever so slightly to avoid a potential challenge in the Supreme Court.
A 1974 ban on chuka sticks has been lifted, and you may now use nunchucks at your leisure.
"They saw all the decals and the painting basically espousing their Second Amendment rights and that's why they stopped them."
A reform bill has passed the Senate and is headed for Governor Cuomo's desk.
Military-style rifle proponents hope to take their case to the Supreme Court.
The mother of one victim said, "The time is now. Let the state of Connecticut become an agent for change... Assault weapons should be comprehensively banned."
The National Rife Association is fulfilling its promise to "stand and fight" gun control with a new television ad that focuses in on President Obama's two daughters, Sasha and Malia.
So justice is blind, but still has the constitutional right to carry guns, especially if her friends at the shooting range testify that she has "incredible" aim, as Hopler's friends did.
Holper fought to receive a permit in 1993, and a judge granted him the right but only if he didn't load or shoot the guns.
Mayor Bloomberg, Martin Luther King III and others at City Hall
Gun Show Undercover is not a new Dick Wolf crime procedural—it's
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