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The pair took a rape victim on a bar crawl and one allegedly groped her.

Citing new photographic evidence, Seattle police have "reexamined" the case surrounding Kurt Cobain's death.

Let's think of other Nirvana-centric headlines the New York Times could have used for this article on a salad in Seattle...

Listen to the collective gasp and the crash of monocles that is reserved for wasted liquor and public embarrassment, not the poisoning of nature by millions of gallons of spilled crude. Metaphors!

Even designer dogs don't always turn out the way you expect them!

Photo: Elaine Thompson/AP For Independence Day the city of Seattle placed

Maurice Clemmons The Seattle cop killer who was fatally shot by

Given that NYC is currently embarking on an ambitious public toilet plan,

Seattle's police department is capitalizing on the NYPD's current budget and