Seat hog

Make no mistake: this man could be any of us. This man is all of us.
"I had an argument with The Internet because there I am on the subway, and someone says 'Oh, Hanks is doing the manspread, he's taking up too much space on the subway.'"
Tom Hanks, the Kermit of humans, lived up to his billing as an Everyman by doing the most average, relatable thing possible: riding the 1 train (and taking up two seats while at it).
"Here's a man knocked out cold on the F train on St. Patrick's Day. "
The latest subway etiquette offender is just adorable.
Someone named "Joey Boots" (if that is your real name) has
An example of the sort of subway seat hogging the MTA
Photograph from the a Close Your Damn Legs on the Subway
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