Seaside heights

The first responders used a bolt cutter to 'dislodge' the umbrella.
This was the first time the festival was held at the Jersey Shore and it might be the last.
The suspect is from Philly.
The wiring was flooded with salt water and sand.
The authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire, which was out of control nearly from the start.
A new roller coaster be constructed—and it's going to be called Super Storm.
But don't worry—it'll be torn down AFTER Prince Harry visits the shore.
And this is why the idea of keeping the Jet Star roller coaster that was pushed to sea by Hurricane Sandy as a tourist attraction just can't happen.
The boardwalks will return! But they probably won't all be back this summer and they probably won't all be made from wood.
Thomas Lewis, 36, had to evacuate his Seaside Heights home after the hurricane last month.
Never mind about that idea to make the Sandy-sunken roller coaster in Seaside Heights a tourist attraction!
The VP said, "I spent all my time on the Jersey Shore [during summers]. I was literally raised on the shore."
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