Sean bell shooting

"What people don't understand is, a vehicle is a weapon as well. He used that vehicle. He basically wanted to run me over."
One of the NYPD's earlier alleged tactics to discredit Sharpton was to say he was a homosexual.
Nicole Paultre Bell, with Joseph Guzman behind her, in July (AP)
A lawyer said that the city's $3.25 million payment to settle the
A police officer involved in the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell,
It's official. Mayor Bloomberg has signed into effect a controversial street
While the naming of three blocks in Queens after police shooting
Opponents of the proposal to rename a three-block stretch of Liverpool
City Council overwhelmingly approved a plan to rename the street where
Last spring, Queens Community Board 12 voted to re-name a street
On November 25, 2006, groom-to-be Sean Bell and his friends were leaving
The Jamaica, Queens nightclub that Sean Bell went to before being fatally
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