Sean bell

"We didn't intentionally start all this—before all this happened, I was just a normal biker," said one of the teen organizers of today's solidarity bike run.
"Well, he's been postponing them. For what reason, I do not know."
Computers at 1 Police Plaza headquarters have been linked to Wikipedia edits and changes on various police controversies (as well as stuff like... Chumbawamba).
Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham, was joined by the mothers of other young men who lost their lives at the hands of the NYPD.
The judge ruled against a lawsuit filed by NYPD unions arguing the police commissioner had no right to mandate breathalyzer tests.
NYPD can test cops' breath, a judge rules.
"What people don't understand is, a vehicle is a weapon as well. He used that vehicle. He basically wanted to run me over."
"In the Police Department, you learn that you don't make any comments until after you receive your first pension check."
Bell's fiancee said in 2010 that she wanted to see the officers off the force, but a source close to the family says, "There's no joy in [the firings]."
One of the NYPD's earlier alleged tactics to discredit Sharpton was to say he was a homosexual.
A Queens man who survived the infamous Sean Bell shooting is
Nicole Paultre Bell will be outside the Municipal Building this morning,
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