Sean avery

Sean Avery isn't the hero we need, or even the hero we deserve. He's just a wealthy retiree who likes picking fights.
Rangers left wing Sean Avery was arrested in LA earlier this morning after police responded to noise complaints at his Hollywood Hills home.
As the State Senate inches closer to another vote on marriage equality, big names are heading up to Albany.
Noah apologized today for "saying something" to the heckling Miami fan, telling reporters "I got caught up…I don't mean no disrespect to anybody."
The fallout from Sean Avery's PSA supporting gay marriage for New Yorkers continues with a Canadian sportscaster getting canned after Tweeting his opposition to gay marriage.
Over the past few days Sean Avery's video in support of marriage equality has gotten much more love than hate on the Internet.
Ranger's left wing Sean Avery has drawn ire from just about everyone else. Now he seeks to unite New Yorkers under the banner of equal rights.
Here's a word to the wise: If you're going to confront
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