"The seal's left flipper appeared to be injured as it was immobile."
This is some award-winning footage of a seal right here.
'Those circles around its eyes are hydration circles, meaning it's very hydrated, and they get their water from their food source, which is fish.'
Last week kittens, this week seals.
This baby seal was all about those above-40 temps.
This NYPD Tweet has it all: Rocks, water and SEALS.
It's Monday, you look stressed, so take some time out and meet Brooklyn's new harbor seal pup. He's just ADORABLE.
A young arctic seal visited the metropolitan area today, rolling around in the sand on Rockaway Beach like some gutter punk chewing on the rhythm of his bubble gum.
Was he mocking us...or was he trying to teach us something?
The seal appears to be in good condition, and there is no indication that he's injured or distressed.
LOOSE SEAL! A three-day old pup was rescued near a Long Island beach club, and it's adorable.
You'll be able to see some exhibits, such as the one with the walrus, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters and penguins.
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