This week's question comes from a New Yorker who got busted discarding cat poop in a street-level city garbage can.
Schumer is believed to be more than twelve years old.
"Stickers are an enforcement tool that have shown that they keep our streets clean and if you take them away there's no reason to believe that we won't go back to the dirty streets..."
Only 21% of those recently convicted of DWI in the city install the mandatory devices. A third of DWI drivers statewide comply with the law.
Commissioner Ray Kelly reacted to yesterday's news that subway fare-beating is the most cost-effective way to commute by calling for lawmakers to raise the MTA's current $100 fine.
If they're fined $100 every 6-13 weeks, that means the scofflaw is saving $62 based on the price of a weekly farecard. And that was in 2009 dollars!
Forbes has Forbes has taken to statistics and maps to better expose the sordid underbelly of what Andrea Peyser once referred to as those "malodorous, greedy, drunk and demented" foreign nationals.
The Port Authority is charging Staten Island resident Alfred Buono with $25K in "administrative fees" after he skipped through open E-ZPass lanes 998 times without paying.
Since the law went into effect prohibiting smokers from lighting up in city parks, pedestrian plazas, boardwalks and beaches, only one smoker has been given a ticket.
Acts of such heinous depravity that they require elite NYPD stings: subway emergency exit fare-dodging.
atomische's flickr The city has a bit of a budget problem
A gang of tween vandals were "tagging" their names in wet
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