"Eventually you're going to become involved in Scientology, because whatever the program is, it's based on the writings, teachings and ideas of L Ron Hubbard."
A group of Will Smith sympathizers are doing their darndest to cheer him up after "After Earth" bombed at the box office.
Last night a deluxe "sponsored post" heaping praise on Scientology's controversial leader appeared on The Atlantic's website and then, hours later, suddenly disappeared.
Councilman Vallone says anyone following Holmes could be "charged with harassment in the first and second degree, violating penal law 240.25 and 240.26."
Besides making Williard Romney furrow his brow and mutter "Gee willikers," Murdoch is also poking the giant ball of money-thetans with his gilded electronic staff.
God: "It's your soul or a stuffed animal. What's it going to be?"
Scientology volunteers at JFK, via Scientology News Twitter Members of NY's
Photograph from a protest last year by istolethetv on Flickr Last
Photograph by maevro on Flickr Well, NY Times reporter Ariel Kaminer
Bad idea pubic hair: The Daily News got word of 18-year-old Matt
Yesterday, police in the Bahamas said that the 16-year-old son of
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