For years, progressive activists had whispered about a challenge to the Senate majority leader, but it appears he's cleared the Democratic field.
The L train line will now have elevator access at all Manhattan stations except Third Avenue.
Schumer is in line to replace Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when he retires next year.
Though the crowd was thin, Schumer's presence certainly bolstered the notion that there's only one person in the city who actually believes that Thompson won't be the next district attorney of Kings County.
This guy's psyched. (Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist) Just days after the
Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Chuck Schumer haven't been seeing eye to
After saying travelers were at a "breaking point" with extra luggage
Photo by Tod Seelie Now that Senator Schumer is well on
Placing your phone number on the federal "Do Not Call" list
U2 live (Tien Mao) In one of his signature Sunday press
New York State will be receiving some $750 million from Washington
The economic stimulus package will benefit New York more than any
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