Some after-school programs are being cancelled as well.
The city's teachers' union also agreed with the decision to lift the mask mandate for children ages 2-4 in 3K, pre-K, and day care settings.
"I want to pull back on all of these mandates but we want to do it in a smart way," said Mayor Eric Adams
Each student will receive two test kits Friday, but there is no requirement for a negative test result to return to school on February 28th.
Gothamist looks at how cherry-picking science became the center of the anti-mask movement in politics and media and then reviews the evidence on the effectiveness of masks and if they cause physical harm.
“I'm not really in any hurry to have it lifted but I am thankful to have that option back on the table,” one parent said, while acknowledging her son will be “smiling from ear to ear every single day he does not have to wear a mask.”
“My son was offered Ubers and car service to get to school. And not only does my child have to take this transport, but I had to go with him” on a four-hour commute, one parent said.
Gov. Murphy will no longer require students, teachers or visitors to wear masks while inside school building beginning March 7th.
The New York City Department of Education said it is ramping up safety measures again.
The plan is to avoid another outbreak of COVID that disrupted the beginning of the spring semester.
The education department said student testing would double. It came close.
About five to six inches of powder fell on the city and surrounding towns, but schools are staying open.
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