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Kindergarten through fifth grade students attended different versions of the anti-bullying assembly with school safety agents. Parents said the session created unfounded panic.

Project Pivot will provide extra support to more than 100 at-risk schools.

A report released in the wake of the Uvalde massacre shows New York schools are not providing sufficient mental health

Police think the 8-year-old got the gun from his older brother.

Taking photos or videos in public is perfectly legal. Breaking someone else's camera is not, as far as we can tell, legal.

A new video shows Avonte leaving a door at his school that had been open for 30 minutes.

A surprising legal victory has ended in idiotic failure for a

In this file photo, a dangerous perp is apprehended by police.

Volunteers for the New York Civil Liberties Union are present in

NYPD has announced that it will launch a pilot program to