School lunch

As Mayor Adams considers banning chocolate milk, an upstate House member wants students to have flavored milk choices.
Weird green spots found on frozen pizza slices served in NYC school cafeterias resulted in a recall and the Department of Education pulling pizza from school menus.
"People were screaming, but no one was doing anything."
Of those, 113 schools have served lunch by 10 a.m., meaning some students are eating lunch before the school day starts in earnest.
A New Jersey mother is currently keeping her daughter far, far away from her public school.
IS 25 students will be served lunch starting at 9:45 a.m.
School censorship, is not just for American kids—but hey, this story at least has a happy ending!
Potatoes, however, are still upset at their "second-class" status in the new school rules.
Who says two tablespoons of tomato paste doesn't count as a full serving of vegetables?
Don't expect to see the price of a PB&J go down anytime soon.
Mayor Bloomberg has recently called upon parents to pay outstanding school
City officials often tout their far-reaching efforts to make school lunches
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