School closings

This week's question comes from a New Yorker who disagrees with the decision to keep schools open during this series of snowstorms.
If you don't come in to school tomorrow don't bother coming in on Friday (unless you are a teacher).
The annual fight over school closures between the city, parents, teachers—and now, Occupiers—returned in full force last night for a raucous, crazy meeting at Brooklyn Tech. It was no good for 23 city schools, though.
"These aren't marginally bad schools or non-performing schools," Mayor Bloomberg said regarding the schools on the chopping block. "They just don't do the job, this is no question they're not doing the job."
St. James School The imminent closure of two lower Manhattan Catholic
Bloomberg photo by Oliver 66 on flickr. Believe it or not,
Parents have been clamoring for their children's respective schools to close
The city is closing six additional schools after a numerous cases
With the city's announcement yesterday that two more people died from
There have been two more confirmed deaths from swine flu in
Today, 20 public schools that had been closed after many students
NYC schools are feeling fortunate to have a holiday weekend as
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