It's all too fitting that Hulu's miniseries reboot of The Handmaid's Tale is heading our way as we enter Trump's America.
Or maybe it's really a liberal government conspiracy to get Hillary elected?
Thankfully, the little girl is safe—her mother jumped down to get her.
A woman survived after she was shoved onto the train tracks in front of an oncoming Metro-North train in Westchester earlier today.
The planes passed each other with only a half-mile of horizontal distance and 200 feet vertical distance between them.
Sit down in a dark room with all the lights off and read these scary ghost stories!
Mmm...delicious in-vitro chicken fricasse, anyone?
Science confirms that eating smuggled monkeys and bats is maybe not so good for you, since you just might wipe out humanity.
The most common excuse form people who bring their guns to the airport? They forgot they had them. Great.
Do you want an Al Roker doll? WHY DON'T YOU WANT AN AL ROKER DOLL?!
The terrifying ingredients found in the McRib sandwich.
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