Seniors are selling tickets on Facebook for hundreds of dollars.
Plaintiff Allen Lee filed the suit on behalf of everyone who's been scammed by Ticketmaster's (alleged) professional scalping racket.
Ticketmaster has allegedly been scamming its way into double commissions.
The woman told police officers "He murdered my dream of going to 'Hamilton.'"
Police have arrested two men accused of selling forged tickets to the Super Bowl and other major sporting events.
The principal says some recordings may have been doctored, but added that a page on Tumblr (!) says Native Americans were scalped during Thanksgiving.
Tickets for the upcoming all-star concert at Madison Square Garden to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims sold out instantly, and then immediately appeared, as usual, on StubHub, where scalpers are cashing in.
Can ticket buying ever be fan friendly, or do we need to go with Frank Zappa's hologram plan?
Can we call it the Radiohead Law?
If you stepped outside yesterday, you know it was extremely windy.
Photo via the AP Who knew tennis matches could be so
The Yankees are so desperate to sell seats at their new stadium,
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