Scaffolding collapse

Reports say the man started working at the site two weeks ago after losing his last construction job because of the pandemic.
The man was working at a residential co-op building at 136 East 36th Street, fire officials said.
A former warehouse and construction site collapsed in Williamsburg on Wednesday morning, raining bricks and scaffolding onto the street and wrecking a few cars parked below.
A scaffolding collapse in Manhattan left a window-washer stranded sixteen stories above the ground on Monday.
Photographs show workers frantically trying to shore up the scaffolding.
The child's mother said, "I heard a loud bang and a plank was over her whole body."
Thankfully, no one was injured.
As hardhats disassembled scaffolding on an Eighth Avenue high-rise on Thursday,
Yikes: Up at 119th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a
Left photograph of a worker being rescued by C. Morrissey (see
Photograph of the rescue by C. Morrissey Just after 5:30 p.m.,
Photograph of Grand Army Plaza during the rain by Miguel Ariel
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