A former warehouse and construction site collapsed in Williamsburg on Wednesday morning, raining bricks and scaffolding onto the street and wrecking a few cars parked below.
Responders found the 51-year-old man lying unconscious on a scaffold and rushed him to the hospital, but couldn't save him.
A new bill would shift sidewalk inspections to city control, and could push building owners to get their construction done quickly.
Getting hit by falling scaffolding (and air conditioners) is a classic NYC nightmare, one which went from fantasy to reality for two women in Brooklyn earlier this week.
The building in East Flatbush has a long history of neglect and sketchy construction.
No injuries have been reported, and a rescue is underway.
"You can understand why anyone would feel less safe with... all of these places that light didn’t shine."
A double decker tour bus rammed into some scaffolding in lower Manhattan during rush hour yesterday, leaving one person with minor injuries.
The scaffolding's power isn't working.
Workers dangled above the street for about an hour as the FDNY blocked traffic and rushed to rescue them.
An unidentified woman is in serious condition at Bellevue after she was hit on the head by a falling object this morning in midtown.
The FDNY say the unidentified man, who is presumably a worker at the site, fell at around 11 a.m. this morning.
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