'I can’t walk a good distance because of my walker and because I’ve had so many surgeries. I’m devastated by this and I’m hoping the MTA will rethink their position.'
Two or three routes will be upgraded each year, according to City Hall.
Here are fresh renderings of the new central terminal, which will open in 2021.
The M60 bus, which remains one of the few mass transit options for commuters heading to and from LaGuardia airport, has been upgraded to an express bus line.
Select bus service has officially launched in Brooklyn, with the B44 between Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay now 20 percent faster than before.
"I think everyone who saw Sandy from near or afar recognized the critical role buses played once the subway system went down," DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said announcing the news.
"LaGuardia Airport is a transportation hub and a city unto itself that needs a better connection to the transit network and the region’s economy," Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said of the announcement.
Select Bus Service on the East Side of Manhattan has many fans. If only the street-side ticket machines were more reliable and cops more forgiving.
Things that suck? Getting a summons for riding an MTA bus without a ticket...even though you've got an unlimited MetroCard.
(eastvillagedenizen's flickr) Remember when the city launched its Select Bus Service
When they first hit Second Avenue, the Select Bus Service buses
Flickr user cyclosity On Friday, straphanger Daryn Mayer served as a
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