Mullins will be permitted to retire and will not face termination, as many advocates had called for because it would have further limited his benefits.
Mullins had led the union for nearly 20 years.
The FBI descended on the Lower Manhattan office of the NYPD union on Tuesday morning as part of an "ongoing investigation," according to an agency spokesperson.
The sergeant, Phillip Wong, is accused of punching a handcuffed man in custody and kneeling on the back of another.
The SBA could not say how many are in New York City but several local owners were notified over the weekend.
Nearly $29 billion will be available for bars and restaurants nationwide under the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
Mullins, who took home a taxpayer-funded salary of $133,195 in 2020, has a lengthy history of making offensive statements and promoting racist content, and acknowledged being the subject of NYPD internal investigations.
The tweet that resulted in the investigation has since been deleted.
"When I seen the Blue Lives Matter flag I’m like, what is going on? This is not what it’s about."
More than $120 billion remains in the second round of the federal small business loan program.
"I have no faith at all. We've always been left behind."
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