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Over 658,000 people saw the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit of Alexander McQueen's fashions through 10 p.m. last night—and the museum was open for another two hours after that!

There are only 13 hours left for the huge exhibit of Alexander McQueen's clothes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which means monstrous lines!

The lines to see Alexander McQueen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are snaking into Central Park!

People were out in full force today, eager to wait in line to catch a glimpse of the blockbuster Alexander McQueen show, Savage Beauty, at the Metropolitan Museum, which will close on Sunday.

The Met is, once again, extending hours in the final weeks of its ragingly successful Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibit.

Don't have time to wait in line? Check out Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit right here.

To combat the crowds at the phenomenally popular Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit, the Met is extending the dates of the show and offering a special $50 admission on Mondays.

Last night the annual Met Costume Institute Gala brought the big names