Sauvignon blanc

It's International Sauvignon Blanc Day; or as we like to call it, Friday.
France’s Gascony region has long been famous for the Three Musketeers, Armagnac
To qualify as a Kick Ass Summer Sipper (K.A.S.S.) you need to
Ask any kid who grew up on Long Island, and they could
First off, let us set the record straight. Gotham Bar and Grill
Walking down 8th street in Greenwich Village you’ll find some of the
Savennieres. It’s not a wine that you hear about everyday. This little
What’s there not to like about Sauvignon Blanc? When it’s good, it
There is something comforting about familiarity. You go to the same place,
It’s not everyday that you can celebrate the 700th birthday of
It's easy to bring out your inner sommelier -- just step outside.
Once you get past the budget deficit, the war in Iraq and
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