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"What’s the most we can say today?" Weberman's defense attorney asked. "Child sexual abuser. And it is an awful thing. But the wrongful accusation of a child sexual abuser is even worse."
Weberman was adamant that he "never ever" touched the alleged victim, who saw him for counseling during a three year period starting when she was 12. But he did admit to defrauding his own charity.
"Her modesty was not like the other girls'" he said, referring to the victim going to class with the button of her blouse over her throat undone, and wore stockings that weren't thick enough.
The Ultra-Orthodox mother of a teenage girl claims she was pressured to apologize to the man now on trial for sexually abusing her.
The now 17-year-old victim told jurors in addition to forcing her to perform oral sex on him, he also showed her pornography and made her reenact the sex acts during their frequent counseling sessions.
"This is on the Internet now," Supreme Court Justice John Ingram told the four ultra-Orthodox men accused of snapping pics of the sex abuse victim in court. "It's probably streamed all over the world."
The trial of the Hasidic rabbi who allegedly sexually abused a teen girl took a strange twist today when multiple people were taken into custody for taking photos of the victim in court.
"He gave her an angry, threatening look and wouldn’t leave," said Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, a family friend. "She jumped up and said, 'Get out of here!' When I came in, her hands were shaking."
The teen who is now 17, but was 12 when the alleged abuse started, claims the rabbi forced her to give him oral sex and inappropriately touched her from March 2007 to March 2010.
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