A source in Brooklyn's Hasidic community called the threat "laughable."
A post-wedding party with hundreds of maskless Hasidim was ruled legal by city sheriffs on Tuesday night.
The building could be shut down should further illegal gatherings happen.
Previously, the state ordered the venue to cancel any wedding with more than 50 guests.
Governor Andrew Cuomo received the endorsement of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg on Thursday, after reportedly promising not to interfere with New York's yeshivas.
A new lawsuit alleges that a powerful state senator has successfully and unconstitutionally forced the state to ease its oversight of yeshivas.
He represents one of the largest yeshivas in Brooklyn.
If you're ever in Williamsburg ten minutes before the sun sets on a Friday night, you'll have heard the eerie sirens that wail far and wide throughout the neighborhood.
Some religious publications have lashed out at an ex-Hasidic woman, dubbing her recent car accident a punishment from God.
If it's not one potential ACLU lawsuit, it's another.
"The guy walks free... where is our protection?"
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