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Shine was a righthand man of ousted Fox chairman Roger Ailes, and a producer of Sean Hannity's show earlier in his career.

There's a difference between facts and the literal nonsense that finds its way out of Palin's mouth hole.

Watch as Fey's Palin takes a break from her full-time career of writing things on Facebook to endorse Trump, without even needing to construct a coherent sentence!

"I was cocky too, and then someone named Barack Obama stumbled out of a soup kitchen with a basketball and a cigarette and stole my life."

Go ahead and put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, because this handjob of an interview isn't going anywhere.

"Bloomberg is not around, our big gulps are safe."

FWIW, adult obesity in Alaska has doubled between 1991 and 2010.

"The Obama media also piled on with the narrative that Romney would harm the middle class."

"I do not want establishments in my city that hold such discriminatory views."