The man allegedly used Santeria-type rituals to ultimately abuse five victims.
The tongue was nailed to a tree outside her house.
They've been there for days.
Same as last year, with just as many answers.
A nailed animal tongue, in the Inwood case likely from a calf, can be used to "instruct the spirits to stop someone from gossiping, from spreading harmful rumors or the like."
A spokeswoman for the Medical Examiner's Office said their anthropologist hadn't yet determined the animals' species.
Is there anything in Prospect Park besides discarded animal parts? No.
Yesterday we received a few photos of a decapitated goat head found in Prospect Park. We ran those photos, and in return have received handfuls more photos of mutilated goats also found in the park.
It's been almost four years since a goat head was last found in Prospect Park (that we're aware of), so we were certainly about due for another.
Last year Prospect Park saw plenty of dead animals—from possible Santeria
Has Santeria moved to the suburbs? After a spate of strange animal
Last week bags containing animal parts were discovered in Prospect Park,
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