Do you trust him?
Guess it's gonna be a sober SantaCon this year.
The Santas "managed to storm in, rob all the booze, smash up all the glassware and steal all the Christmas decorations."
After weeks of hype, planning, backlash, backlash to the backlash, and backlash to the backlash of the backlash, SantaCon 2014 has kicked off in Times Square.
If SantaCon 2013 was by less vomitorious than it has been in years past, that's due to the NYPD harshing Santas vibes.
SantaCon 2013 is already more than halfway done, but there's still plenty of time left to get out there and donate some vomit to the streets of NYC.
Start barricading your apartments now people. [Updates Below]
To add insult to red-nosed injury, the NYPD is reportedly demanding that Lower East Side bars don't serve alcohol to any participants who are wearing a Santa beard.
In case you didn't peek outside yesterday to see the shitshow that is SantaCon, below you can watch videos of drunk frat guys falling asleep on the train and getting into arguments with cabbies.
We're probably now at the point in the crawl where participants start feeling pretty free to urinate in public, so expect to see that Jaegar-bomb induced pee flowing.
That's it, we've had it with SantaCon.
Though the AAA is reporting a decline in Christmas travel this year,
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