Santacon 2015

The suspect allegedly threw a glass mug at a bartender after they got into a dispute over the bill.
The suspect allegedly threw a garbage can at the victim, then punched him in the face.
SantaCon 2015 has begun, and there's no turning back now. [Updates Below]
One organizer wearing a Rudolph face mask asked revelers to "stop and take a 10 second moment of silence for the sake of oppressed peoples all over the world."
"You can be naughty, but you have to be nice and it has to be within the law."
Soft targets revealed.
Stay safe, humans and Santas!
it's just a matter of time before Bedford Avenue pulls a Pangea and breaks away from the borough like the Hipster Gods intended.
In an exclusive interview, Kris Kringle comes forward to defend the real meaning of SantaCon and send a message to its enemies.
"When left unregulated, the bar crawl has widespread negative effects on the local community..."
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