Santacon 2014

"Do the people marching know what they're marching for?" one Santa wonders.
What SantaCon participants who were paying attention learned yesterday: it's hard to be outrageous when people have real reasons for outrage.
"The First Amendment means that the government cannot prohibit SantaCon's expression."
SantaCon begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Here's where to avoid/congregate, depending on your life choices. No judgments! (Okay, maybe some judgments.)
One SantaCon organizer tells us, "This is a different year."
Even Santa has Constitutional rights.
"Why we're so cool in the first place is because of who we are now, not what we're gonna become 10 years from now, not what SantaCon is going to bring us," said Councilmember Espinal.
Poor Santas.
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