The pandemic canceled last year's party, but the costumed drinkers returned in force this weekend for the event's 23rd iteration.
"SantaCon 2021: SnOmicron Cometh" is kicking off this Saturday in Midtown.
Now that the city has reopened, so too have the binge-drinking floodgates: SantaCon NYC 2021 is scheduled to happen December 11th.
The SantaCon website encourages disappointed Santas to "stay home and remain on the good list."
Find out who was naughty and nice at SantaCon 2019. In photos.
Do you trust him?
"Just came to drink. We've been here since 9:45 a.m."
The sleighshow across the river is happening tomorrow.
Does anything sound better than being trapped at sea with hundreds of seasick bros doing Goldschläger shots?
SantaCon, the city's stupidest annual event, returns December 14th.
Christopher Visone also wants a bar to pay him undisclosed damages after he drunkenly fell down its staircase and injured his head during SantaCon 2014.
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