Yes Virginia... Virginia? Please unmute yourself.
Do you trust him?
Consider the 'whispering grove.'
The Brooklyn homeowner feels "violated."
Even Santa has Constitutional rights.
Just like how Eminem started out.
Rapey Santas are not welcome at this year's SantaCon.
Two years ago, a really tall "Elf" aficionado dressed up as Buddy, running around midtown recreating scenes from the film. As you can see in the video below, he's just as awkwardly tall as ever.
The branch of the Air Force charged with protecting our skies surely wouldn't waste time or precious resources on a myth, now would they?
Santa is not a narc, kids.
We're all in this together, guys.
If hundreds of men and women dressed in red and white and puke isn't your thing–and you can't catch a sleigh out of town tomorrow–there is now a simple way to avoid the Santa onslaught.
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