Sanitation department

City officials explain the lengthy exemption process and why so many unvaccinated workers have been allowed to stick with weekly testing rather than immediately take the shots.
"We treat every event as if it could become a plowable event.”
Buildings must opt-in to the program, and anyone who didn’t have curbside pickup before the pandemic still won’t.
The department says residents can help out the city’s snow clearing effort by calling 311 if they see a problem area.
Alternate side parking is suspended for continued snow removal and 600 workers are working to clear pedestrian areas and bike lanes.
De Blasio announced an uptick in garbage pick-up after quality of life complaints.
Behold our garbage future.
We dropped by as the collection's creator, Nelson Molina, prepared for an exhibit.
The new bill divides the city into 20 commercial waste zones that are each served by one designated private carting company.
Tuesday brings snow showers and sleet at prime commuting times, what else is there?
The driver reportedly stopped briefly before moving on, but has since turned himself in.
Time to treat your tree to one last holiday delight: MULCHFEST.
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