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The shirt depicts an animated rat with a terrified look on its face, crossed out by a red prohibition sign and surrounded by a viral quote from Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch.

New York City relies on rock salt from South America to clear streets during the winter. Upstate mines want in on the action.

Crews picked up 5.7 million pounds of organic waste in Queens during the first six weeks of the program from Oct. 3 to Nov. 12.

Proposed legislation aims to crack down on snow-ridden sidewalks across the five boroughs.

New York City’s battle against trash is gaining momentum – and dollars.

The plan includes adding a new evening shift in city parks to target “hot spots” and rats. It's unclear where the money is coming from.

An obscure metric used by the sanitation department deemed only 1.5% of streets “filthy.” The state comptroller says the statistic points to problems with how the agency assesses cleanliness.

The move, first reported by Politico, comes after months of negotiations with the building workers union. City leaders hope it will cut back on rats and stench.

The deal with the city's sanitation department comes amid efforts by NYCHA, NYU, and neighborhood groups to get garbage off the sidewalk and into rat-proof containers.

The largest compost program in the country launches on Monday, Oct. 3. Here’s a rundown of the details.