In 2021, complaints of rat sightings were up more than two-thirds compared to the same period in 2019. That trend has continued this year.
City officials celebrated the installation of two bins in Times Square. Anti-litter enthusiasts were underwhelmed
Newly-appointed Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch said alternate side parking rules would be restored to their twice-weekly schedule beginning on July 5th.
At a budget hearing Friday, Councilmember Sandy Nurse noted that complaints about rat sightings and missed trash collections already increased during the pandemic
The mayor said he would expand collection of food and yard scraps when he was running. Now he's cutting the city's collection program.
A fleet of mini-plows will get their first test this weekend, with as much as a foot of snow expected.
About five to six inches of powder fell on the city and surrounding towns, but schools are staying open.
About 12,000 staff for first responder agencies and 2,100 sanitation workers face the prospect of unpaid leave starting Monday
New Yorkers made 5,249 missed pickup reports between October 20th and October 26th, compared with just 1,109 a month earlier.
Buildings must opt-in to the program, and anyone who didn’t have curbside pickup before the pandemic still won’t.
We could be seeing another 3 inches on Tuesday.
Dominick Madden, 43, was seen on video entering the Capitol with scores of rioters on January 6th, wearing a blue Q-anon sweatshirt and carrying an American flag, according to the federal complaint.
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