Sanford rubenstein

"This is a young man, he has a future ahead of him, he's a good person and we cannot say that he is a criminal, because he's not," Gayle's sister, Tina Reid, said.
"I was already handcuffed when they tased me. It was unnecessary."
The victim's attorney cautions that the tape has no bearing on his client's charges.
Sanford Rubenstein is under investigation for rape.
Police are investigations accusations that a famed NYC lawyer raped a woman after Rev. Al Sharpton's 60th birthday party this week.
The Bronx DA, Robert Johnson, told the Times that he made "no commitments" except that he would conduct an investigation independent of the NYPD's.
The victim's family's lawyer said, "There are unanswered questions that must be answered."
Stephanie Adams, a former Playboy Playmate, former lesbian, and regular litigant won a huge payday yesterday in a police brutality case she filed back in 2006.
Claire Reed And then there were two. Lawyer Sanford Rubenstein plans
The off-duty police officer who fatally shot an unarmed Bronx man
Trent Benefield, one of the victims in the undercover police shooting of
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced new recommendations for police procedure; the
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