Sandy hook

Here's everything you need to know about the beaches in and around NYC.
Jeremy Richman, the father of Avielle Richman, a six-year-old who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, was found dead this morning of an apparent suicide in his Connecticut office building.
It's time to take your beach body, which is any body that is hyped up to enjoy the blessings of the sun and the waves and the sand, to one of these city beaches.
He insists he was asking a polite question...about a woman's dead sister never existing.
Military-style rifle proponents hope to take their case to the Supreme Court.
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
"There was never any real threat to those students," said Wall Township Police Lt. John Brockriede. "He wasn’t capable of carrying out anything that he put down."
In other news, the Senate dropped an assault weapons ban bill.
"I have no illusions as to what we're up against," the president said, referring to the gun lobby.
Both Aurora and Sandy Hook appear in the Dark Knight Rises, which is pretty weird, but maybe we should shut up about it.
A false distress call came in a year ago nearly to the day from someone with a similar voice.
Here's a quick rundown of five great beaches that are all just a hop, skip and a jump away.
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