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For the communities that will be shielded by these new coastal defenses, they offer an extension on life. Yet for some residents, these walls and levees are not a welcome addition.

As New York City faces more frequent intense storms, are we better prepared to fight off mold? Experts say yes, sort of, pointing to recent changes to the law and better awareness among homeowners.

After Sandy, more than 500 Staten Islanders took state buyouts rather than stay and rebuild. Their stories carry lessons for city homeowners still threatened by rising sea levels.

A new report details federal spending on hurricane recovery 10 years after Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City metro area.

The Breezy Point Historical Society was created from the storm’s wreckage to preserve photos, newspapers, and even a long-lost film of Jackie Robinson.

"He created suspicion," Petqua's manager said of the suspected thief. "He'd tried to sell me some baby dragons about a year ago. I said no."

Department of Transportation officials admitted to including "junk" vehicles in their claim for FEMA aid after Hurricane Sandy.

The city and state have secured federal funding to begin work on a $615 million sea wall in Staten Island.

"The congressional members in Texas are hypocrites, and I said back in 2012, they'd be proven to be hypocrites. It was just a matter of time."