The Prospect Heights shop just added this ingenious creation to their lineup.
When the officer, who was in plainclothes at the time, took a bite of the sandwich, he felt a sharp pain, and pulled a razor out of his mouth.
Midtown's ubiquitous sandwich shop Pret A Manger is the target of a new class action lawsuit accusing the company of a duplicitous turkey wrap bait-and-switch.
Chef Justin Warner reinvented the Friends "moistmaker" sandwich for us.
Alternate headline: Man Allegedly Pays $146 For Turkey Sandwich.
In When Harry Met Sally, what she was really having was a plain turkey sandwich.
Sandwich porn ahoy.
Uttering the word "bomb" in an airport WILL get you in trouble, even if that bomb you're referring to is just a sweet, deli-meat filled sub.
From thick-cut bacon to hot pickles to tallegio cheese and homemade breads: Bed-Stuy's SCRATCHbread makes the best egg sandwiches out there.
Stop supporting the chain that doesn't support marriage equality, and make your own Chick-Fil-A sandwich at home.
It's completely reasonable to call 911 if you're in the middle of a SANDWICH EMERGENCY—Which is exactly the situation Rother McLennon found himself in yesterday. Listen below.
There's pastrami, turkey, corned beef, and salami on ten pieces of rye bread with Muenster and American cheeses, cole slaw, sweet peppers and Russian dressing.
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