San gennaro

Since its founding in 1926, the festival – named for the patron saint of Naples, Italy – has grown and transformed far beyond what was just a small neighborhood block party a few decades ago, according to several longtime vendors.
After last year's pandemic cancelation, the festival returns for its annual eleven-day run on Mulberry Street.
Gotta go with the Fried Rainbow Cookie, right?
This year you can get Shar-Pei Ice Cream Puppies along with your zeppole, braciole, and cannoli.
What in sweet hell is this thing...
Sure, there may be some tough guys looking to get rowdy, but there's also frozen cannoli.
How many cannolis can you eat in 6 minutes?
It's not just a sausage-and-peppers meat fest.
And while the winner didn't come close to beating last year's insane record, many, many cannolis were eaten in six minutes. There was even a tie-breaker!
"I see tiger’s teeth in the crotch—that’s dangerous. It looks like Armageddon. This is the devil.”
According to an unsealed indictment the Genovese crime family tried to shake down San Gennaro vendors as recently as 2008.
The maligned street feast started yesterday with a bang, not that everyone is happy about it.
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