Samyah bailey

The father of the baby girl who was shot in the face in the crossfire of a SI shootout in September was caught yesterday with 66 baggies of crack and cocaine strapped to his genitals.
The baby shot in the face was released from the hospital yesterday, but family has nowhere safe to take her: "They want us to go back to the same area. That's foul. That's not right."
Officials are worried about the safety of the teen gunman who is accused of shooting a baby in the face this week.
Just days after a baby was shot in the face and lost an eye, the Staten Island DA's Office and NYPD will be holding a gun buy-back tomorrow.
The 21-month old baby girl who was shot in the face during a Staten Island shootout is recovering surprisingly well from the incident, and expected to make "near a complete recovery" according to doctors.
A 21-month-old girl has undergone numerous surgeries after being shot in the face.
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