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Dianne Wiest is performing for free this week in Madison Square Park. Plan your lunch break accordingly.

Barney Rosset, the passionate publisher of Grove Press and an ardent defender of free speech, died Tuesday after a double-heart-valve replacement.

We met up with John Hurt to talk about his performance in Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, as well as other topics, such as the advice Orson Welles gave him, and infernal background music.

Paintings by Jasper Johns, from left: Periscope (Hart Crane), 1963; Flag,

In Samuel Beckett’s 1961 play Happy Days, a decidedly upbeat woman named

The most exciting story in New York theater this year had nothing

In case you haven’t been counting down, today marks the beginning of

Tomorrow is Bloomsday, the day chronicled in James Joyce's Ulysses. And for

Here at Gothamist theater, we tend to let the weather affect our

Vital Stats - Bill Irwin - 55 years old - Grew-up: Partly